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    Hello guys! I am planning a road trip starting from NY with San Fransisco being the final destination in February. I have already marked a route which includes some places I would like to see and others where friends are. The plan is to drive south towards Orlando, Florida initially to visit some friends, then head west to New Orleans and then Texas. From there I would like to continue north towards Denver to see another friend and then again west towards Las Vegas (with a stop to see the Grand Canyon), then LA and finally San Fransisco. This is a one way trip as I will be flying from London to NY and then take a flight back home from San Fransisco. I need some help with the following: 1) How many days do you believe it would take me to complete the trip? (excluding my stays at certain stops), 2) What is the best route to take? (the most "interesting one"), 3) What is a realistic budget I would need for such a trip?

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    1) At somewhere around 5,000 miles by the most direct routing, you're looking at around 10 days of fairly solid driving on top of whatever time you want to spend at all the places you'll be driving to.

    2) The only person who can answer that is you. Only you know what is really most interesting to you. Your list of destinations and any time constraints will pretty much dictate your route, and there are certainly enough intriguing venues throughout the US that finding places of interest will not be a problem no matter how much time you have to fill up. But less than two weeks or so makes your stated objectives a bit of a push.

    3) Since I have no idea of how ling you'll be on the road, what your final route looks like, or what your travel style is, there's no way I can give you a set figure. However, there are generally three aspects to any RoadTrip. Fixed costs include the cost of gas, any plane tickets, car rentals and the like. Assuming 5,000 miles, $3.50/gal gas (probably low for this up0coming summer) and a modestly fuel efficient car, you're looking at something like $700 in gas. Then there are daily costs for things like lodging and food. I generally use a figure of $100/day when traveling solo for a modest (but not low end) motel room and one restaurant meal and two self prepared meals a day. Finally, there is discretionary spending for things like entrance fees, gifts, souvenirs and the like.


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    Let's add up some time and mileage for dedicated driving between your places you have chosen so far.

    NY-Orlando: 1100 miles, 2 days.
    Orlando-NO: 650 miles, 1 LONG day.
    NO-Dallas (?): 500 miles, 1 day.
    Dallas-Denver: 800 miles, 2 days.
    Denver-GC: 700 miles, 2 days.
    GC-LV: 300 miles, 1 day.
    LV-LA: 300 miles, 1 day.
    LA-SF: 400 miles, 1 day.

    This is 11 days right there. It's also 4750 miles. If you actually want to see some things, I'd think you would want to take the better part of a month and you will be doing considerably more than 4750 miles.

    I would budget $100 a day plus car rental and fuel. You can roughly calculate fuel at 20 cents a mile, more if you rent a gas hog. The $100 is to cover hotels, food, and incidentals. You can subtract appropriately when you are staying with friends.

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