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    Myself and a few of my friends are planning a road trip this summer as our senior trip. We are planning on anywhere from 2- 20 people and 1-6 cars. We live in the Sacramento area and are planning on starting on heading down to San Diego, to Florida, up to Boston/New York, and take 80 back. We choose the long route because it needs to be simply put, epic. We are thinking of the 2nd half of June and the 1st half of July. Would this be enough time for a good trip? We are all close friends and enjoy driving (one of our stops will be the Salt Flats). Any suggestions or tips?

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    Will you all be at least 18? How much money will you have available? Will you have enough reliable cars?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    When you are at the point where you don't know if your trip will be 2 people or 20, you are talking about a trip of this size and scope, its really impossible to start making a serious plan. If you were going on a weekend trip to Tahoe, it wouldn't matter much, but this is a trip that's going to take a minimum of a month and is going to require at least $1000 each, and you just don't do that on a whim - no matter how "epic" you want the trip to be.

    The first, and only, real suggestion at this point is to think beyond the fantasy, is to slow down and take the planning seriously. What it is really going to take to make a huge roadtrip, who is really going to commit to the time, energy, and money it will take to actually make the idea reality.

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