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    Default New York to LA and back again....

    Me and my friends are planning a road trip from New York to LA then back again this summer. We will have two weeks and I was just wondering if that would be long enough and which would be the best route to go!?

    Coming from England and flights are cheaper to go and from New York rather than to New York then from LA. Hence the need to go from New York to LA then back again :)

    Thanks for any help you may be able to give!

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    Default Do You Like Sitting?

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    New York to Los Angeles and back is over 5600 miles or a minimum of 10 days of hard driving. If that much sitting and watching the world roll by your window appeals to you, fine. But if you want to spend any time in either New York or Los Angeles, there would be essentially no time for sightseeing along the way. There seems to be little point in driving that many miles for so little time doing anything of interest.


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    New York or Los Angeles ... Pick ONE for a great two-week roadtrip. Pick BOTH for an endurance run that you'll pray will end soon.

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