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  1. Default advices needed- a short honeymoon trip from D.C. to ??

    Hi everyone! I'm getting married this June, five more months left actually, and with all the crazy planning and decisions to make my mind's set on something else right now. I've always wanted to take another roadtrip and this time it'll be on the east coast rather than across. My fiance and I have decided to hold off our exotic honeymoon until winter, but we felt it was important for the both of us to celebrate with a big bang afterward and roadtripping up northeast it is.

    I've never gone beyond NYC before so I have no idea which route to take and places to see especially as a newly wedded couple. Camping is a huge must!!! We would love to camp out as many times as we can on our trip and perhaps stop at a couple of bed and breakfast among the mountains. We don't have any time frame but I think less than 2 weeks would be sufficient? We'd like to explore the beauty of Mass, VT, Maine, RI, and we don't intend on making a night or two stay in NYC- "been there, done that". Should we also consider making a pit stop in Canada? We're open to anything that would make our 'mini' honeymoon in America worthawhile.

    Looking forward to hearing most if not all of your advices- thanks!!


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    Default Some Places to Consider

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I am a big fan (and former resident) of northern New England, and think that it would make a great place for a short and romantic honeymoon. I (and others) have written extensively on this area, and some of the best suggestions are listed here. As for camping, there is the White Mountain National Forests in New Hampshire and Maine, The Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont, Baxter State Park in northern Maine which offers near wilderness conditions, and of course state parks throughout the area.


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