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    I'm in need of a little information.
    I'm planning a trip to Vegas in October, I was hoping to spend 4 nights there, then drive through Death Valley to Yosemite and spend one night there, then drive to San Fransisco for the last leg of our journey.

    Is it realistic to do in a two week time scale, how long are the drives between each stop. Any information or past experiences would be much appreciated.


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    It's about a 2.5 hour drive from LV to the east DV park entrance via 160 to Pahrump and Bell Vista Avenue. It will take you close to 2 hours just to drive through the park without doing any exploring. From the west entrance, it's about 4 hours to Yosemite - Tioga Pass. From there I'd guess it's about 2.5 hours into Yosemite Village. From Yosemite to SF is about 4 hours.

    You probably would want to spend a night in Death Valley or somewhere between there and Bishop if you want to do any exploration. It's going to be quite a stretch if you want to drive from LV into Yosemite Village in one day. DV to Yosemite Village is doable in a day.

    Note that in October, Tioga Pass may or may not be open or may require tire chains - you will have to watch that carefully. If it's not open, you will have to go from DV down to 58 to Bakersfield then back up to the west side of Yosemite. That's about an 8 hour drive.

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    Thanks for the info. It's much appreciated.

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    Default What's the rush ?

    Although possible it would be rare for the Tioga pass to be closed in October and only once in the past 30 years has it closed permanently for the season before October 30th. It can see temporary closures in the event of an early snow storm or icy conditions [it gets cold at 9000 ft + overnight] that can temporarily close it until the sun gets to work on the road in the mornings.

    You have plenty of time over 14 days and I would consider spending at least a couple of nights in or around Yosemite, it is a truly magnificent place where you will need a couple of days to appreciate it's beauty. If you spent a day in Death valley and then 3 days to SF you would still have 6 days in San Fran, and as nice as SF is would still be plenty of time. Enough time in fact to consider a couple of days to spend at the Grand canyon ?

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    I was in Yosemite in the first week of October this year - and the day I was there Tioga was closed and chains were required to go to Tuolumne Meadows. I was going from west to east, and I had to take 88 across the Sierras. Rare or not, I was very disappointed.

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