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    Default Planning a road trip with my 13 year old grandson

    I am planning to take my 13year old grandson on a road trip for passing into Grade 9 - we would be gone for two weeks and I was thinking of starting out in Seattle and ending up at the Grand Canyon. I would like to drive down the coast to see the redwoods, San Francisco LA and then on to Vegas - can I do all of that in two weeks and if so what can anyone suggest that would interest a 13 year old along the way - he has never been to the USA before

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    Certainly the trip you've outlined roughly can be done in two weeks with quite a bit of time for whatever interests your grandson. If you plan to end up at the Grand Canyon, then flying into Seattle makes sense in that it will avoid the hassles of trying to rent a car in Canada and return it in the US. Nevertheless, I would think that before heading south you might want to first head north and visit Vancouver and particularly Victoria and its Natural History Museum, and some of the nearby First Nations. You could then return to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington via ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles and visit Olympic National Park. Then on the way south vary your drives between the coast and inland sights such as Mount St. Helens, the Columbia River Gorge, Crater Lake and the like. In San Francisco, perhaps a visit to Alcatraz or the Exploratorium would be in order. Then again head inland to Yosemite and cross over Tioga Pass to Lee Vining and come down through Death Valley to Las Vegas and Hoover Dam before finishing up your trip at the Grand Canyon and flying back home from Las Vegas. Personally, I think a boy your grandson's age would prefer such a mixture of sights than just following the coast all the way down to Los Angeles, but try running some of those ideas past him and see what he thinks and if there are other places he'd like to see or activities he'd like to do.


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