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  1. Default Summer Roadtrip from San Francisco to Wisconsin/Minnesota

    I'm planning my first roadtrip across America. from San Francisco to Wisconsin/Minnesota.
    I have 2 weeks to make it there and back and I wanna see as many places as I can in between without deviating too much from my route.
    Any tips, suggestions or ideas on how to make this happen. I'm on a budget, but I wanna start planing now. I just wanna make sure I'm getting the best out this trip and see America in the process.
    Help a first timer out, this will be the first time I'm ever doing this.
    Thanks a lot

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    Default A million and one options.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You could drive direct in 4 full days on the road quite comfortably so you certainly have some time to explore. Not knowing any of your interests or "your route" that you don't want to deviate from, it's tough to make any meaningful suggestions. What I would suggest at the moment is to search around the forums and other RTA pages in the tool bars above and get some dots on the map of things that appeal to you. The Map centre can be extremely useful in playing around with routes and finding roadside attractions along them. Once you have got to this stage then we can help to fill in the blanks and help to 'tweak' your trip to your tastes.

    Have you got your own vehicle or are you looking to rent? Do you mind camping/Hostels or are you staying in Motels ? Eating out of a cooler or restaurants ? These are all things you need to answer and then you can start working on your budget and "how to make it happen".

    Enjoy the planning !

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    Not sure why you want to drive all the way to Wisconsin. If you make a trip from SF to Yellowstone, on to Black Hills South Dakota, to Denver and back to SF already will be a heck of a trip in 14 days.

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