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    Hey guys! So me and a couple of my college suitemates are planning to road trip to New York for spring break (March 18 through March 27th), with a stop in Chicago. We've already begun trying to figure out gas and subway passes and such. The plan is to have 4 people going so gas would be split four ways. We're just trying to figure out what the average amount for each person to pay would be, along with ideas for cheap things to do in each city, as well as things that will help us save as much as we can. Thanks for any information you may have!!

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    Default Hi.

    Sorry to say that I know little of this part of the world but thought I would say, Hello and welcome to the RTA forums and sorry again as it is a rather belated welcome.

    You don't say exactly where you are starting from but it looks like a round trip of about 5 day's driving so some time to look around the City's. You will almost certainly find cheaper lodgings outside of the centres and if you are OK in sharing the one room it will help your budget enormously. Do a little research on sites like Expedia and trip advisor to get an idea of rates and quality of places to stay in and whether it is close to public transport for a trip downtown. Hostels are an option but as they charge per person it's most likely that you won't save you money and if you can find a Hotel that includes breakfast, you could set yourself up for the day. My brother in law and his wife visited New York and hired bikes to get around the City and really enjoyed the experience but it's not everyone's 'thing'.

    You can also use the RTA fuel cost calculator to get an idea of fuel costs

    Use the search function to get info from the forums and also scroll down the page for "similar threads' and if you have any other questions just ask.

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    Default Stretching Your Dollars

    Here are just a few of the more obvious (and most often overlooked!) ways to have a cheap RoadTrip. Most of the major national parks, monuments and battlefields in this general area of the country have free admission, so you don't even need to invest in a National parks Pass. Some may charge fees for certain rides (the gondola to the top of the Arch in St. Louis, the ferry out to the Statue of Liberty in New York) but just as often, there are free Ranger led tours. Staying outside major cities can often prove very cost effective, particularly if you plan to rent multiple rooms (a good idea for mixing up your sleeping arrangements so you can get away from each other for a bit). Look for low cost motels near commuter lines (trains, subways, busses, the El) and if you are going to be in town even for a full day, check out the cost of all-day or multi-day mass transit passes. Camping is always a cost saver, and if you can fit some tents and sleeping bags in your car, consider camping at state parks when driving between your major destinations. Finally, one of the great money savers is to buy your food at super markets rather than fast food and other restaurants, and eat from a cooler.


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