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    hi there
    I am planning on doing a road trip in mid-late April as the second part of my honeymoon, i could fly into either Vegas or LA to begin, and i would like to include the following places; monument valley, grand canyon, death valley, and a town called Carmel in california, any advice on other must see places in the area would be appreciated. I have no real idea of distance, driving times etc, so i'm not sure how many days to allow. If anyone has some good advice to help me plan my trip, i would love to hear it.Thanks!

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    It would be an enormous help to know how long you have for the trip. You could do a complete loop that starts and finishes in either City, or have you considered a one way trip and flying into one and out of the other? There are other National parks such as Zion and Bryce canyon in Southern Utah and Yosemite in California to consider and the very scenic coastal route between Carmel and LA around Big Sur, not forgetting San Francisco of course.

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    As Dave stated, how much time you have will help us give you advice. On average, expect your speed to be 55 miles per hour, so a 10 hour stretch will get you 550 miles. If you're planning on wandering around town or going off the beaten path, you'll need to pad these figures.

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