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  1. Default Colorado to Orlando FL with three kids, need recommendations

    Hi, we're planning a road trip this month or next from CO to Orlando FL. Our kids are 15m 10, and 4. Can you guys recommend any must see places along the way? We're into flight museums, historical sites, and nature attractions, but we're open to anything.


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    Where in CO are you leaving from, and how many days do you have allotted for this trip? Is this a one way or a round trip?

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    Default How high?

    Quote Originally Posted by hsmom View Post
    We're into flight museums, historical sites, and nature attractions, but we're open to anything.
    One consideration for a museum would be in Huntsville, the US Space & Rocket Center.
    Depending on the direction you are traveling, you could head through the Ozarks of Missouri and/or Arkansas, though you'll want to keep alert of weather conditions.

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    we'll be going round trip, from Monument. we've allotted three days to get there, a month stay, and three to get back. We have the attractions in orlando pretty well taken care of, it's the trip I'm thinking of.

    thanks for the recommendation on the US Space and Rocket Center. Will check it out.


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    I'm sorry, but with 3 days you're simply not going to have time to add any extra stops.

    This trip is over 1800 miles, which means at 3 days you're already at the very maximum we recommend for daily driving distance and you're going to need to be on the road for at least 11-12 hours a day before you make any stops. Realistically, when traveling with 3 kids, its going to take even more time, which simply doesn't leave any time left over to make stops at places like the Space Center.

    Of course, if you've got a whole month available in Orlando, I'd strongly recommend that you add a day to your travels each way. That's going to open up the possibility of a lot more things you can do on the road, and will actually allow you and your family to enjoy the trip, rather than just staring out the window for hours upon hours.

  6. Default If you're REALLY into flight museums ...

    This will extend your trip by several hours, but this Smithsonian museum puts the one in Washington D.C. to shame.

    Dayton, Ohio.

    Admission ... Free!

    You can easily spend an entire day here. We did, and still didn't see everything.

    If you go, make sure to go early and step aboard past Air Force Ones, see several ICBMs, walk under an SR71 Blackbird, see the B1 and B2 and a B52. And, see a real atomic bomb, along with the actual B29 that dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki! And like many of the aircraft on exhibit, it was FLOWN to the museum! The place is unbelievable.

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