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    hi all i live in dublin ireland with my family and really want to start planning a roadtrip but am not sure where to start. id like to do it around authentic american history,pioneers the gold rush suff like that. maybe the summer after next and probably on a budget. any info would be appreciated

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The things you mentioned really can be found just about every where in the US. Just by the very nature of how this country developed, there are signs of history and pioneers everywhere west of the Atlantic! If you were only looking for Lewis and Clark related sights, for example, you'd easily find thousands of museums, markers, and other monuments that celebrate their exploration of the west.

    Gold Rush to me implies California, and in that case, the Gold Rush Trail is something that would seem to be up your alley.

    But that really just brushes the tip of the iceberg. When you get a better idea about the parts of the US (and its history) that you want to explore, and you have a better idea about what you'll have available in terms of time and money, we can do more to offer more specific ideas.

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