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    I run an entertainment business and have been looking at planning a road trip with it starting probably around March but maybe a little earlier. The idea is to book gigs along the path. I'd like to stay at campgrounds throughout the trip. A couple of things I was thinking.

    1) the gated campground
    This looks to be an issue as I found out that some of these places close their gates at like eight or nine PM to open them back up at around six to eight in the morning. This poses a problem for me as I would most likely be starting a majority of gigs at 8 or 9 pm. Does anyone have any experience with this? Maybe it was just common in the area I was at. I plan on calling the places to make sure. Can anyone give me insight on how I can camp without attempting to work around this gated concepts which would prohibit me from doing this concept?

    2) When campgrounds are open
    I find this to be another issue, but not as great. Due to weather, mainly I'll be where it's relatively warm. Could anyone give me general info regarding campgrounds in their area are open and when they are closed? I'm pretty much in the air right now on where I'm going. I'm thinking the east coast to start. Probably try Florida first if I can get down there while the season is on.

    3) Working a deal with the campground
    Since I run entertainment venues, I was thinking about asking the campgrounds if they'd be up for working a deal out. It would help with lodging for me and could help provide entertainment for them. Anyone think this could work? Is their entertainment provided at campgrounds or is this a long shot? Just trying to think of ways to make this work.

    Well this is all I can think to ask right now. Any help is appreciated. I'm sure more questions will follow. As you can see things right now are in gross planning area. I'm not sure if it will work.

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    I actually have been in your shoes, back in my younger days when I was in a band making barely enough money for gas (or less) we'd have the same issue about finding campgrounds. And even today, if there is an area where we are going out for the night, I'm still getting back late enough where I double check.

    Really the best advise I can give is to check with the policies of an individual campground and see if there is a gate, what time it closes, and if there is a way for registered to enter the campground after hours. In some cases, I've even been told that the gate is closed, but told about a place to park and still easily walk into the campground. There have been times where I've simply had to look for another campground.

    As far as your other questions, there is no one sized fits all answer. Even in the far north, there are campgrounds open all year (often with reduced services because of water freezing issues), while others close for the season.

    I'd say it is very unlikely you could work for your site, especially in the low season, but I guess it doesn't hurt to try.

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    I wasn't sure if there were like centralized halls or what not that you could use. Maybe retirement communities or something I'm not thinking about. I do live music but also karaoke and DJ as well.

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    That's something that you're probably going to know more about than anyone here, since it is getting quite aways away from the main scope of this forum. I'm sure there is a forum or site within your business community that may have additional suggestions on that topic.

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