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  1. Default from TN to Niagara Falls or Yellowstone? Which sounds better?

    First time planning a major road trip. Will rent some type of camper for sleeping. 4 adults and 1 (possibly 2 ) teenagers. Factoring in everything - attractions, fuel cost, drive time...which trip sounds better?

    1. Middle Tenn to Niagara falls
    2. Middle Tenn to Yellowstone

    What kind of attractions are along the way that would be worth stopping at? any favorite spots along the way?


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    Without knowing the all the variables of your family situation, there's simply no way for anyone to answer that but you. They are both great places, but they are very different.

    Obviously the big difference is travel time. Depending upon where in TN you are, you're just one to two days drive from Niagara Falls, while from the closest point in TN, you're at least a 3 day drive to Yosemite. There is also the difference in size - while Yellowstone needs days to really start to see all the major things, you could see the falls and take in the major attractions over a day or two.

    The available time you have will play a major role in which will be "best" for you.

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