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    Default April RT Phoenix - San Diago - LA - Sequoia - Yosemite - San Francisco - Lake Tahoe

    The wife and I are planning a road trip leaving Phoenix on 3/25/11 to San Diego for three days. Then to LA for three days. From LA to sequoia, spend the night in the park. From Sequoia we go to Yosemite for two nights in the park (april 5, 6). Then off to San Francisco (which we've been to ..) for two nights. Then up to Lake Tahoe for three days and then fly home to Chicago area. I see from the various threads the weather will be the question for the national parks but doable this time of year??? I'll pick up some tire chains while staying in Phoenix for spring training. Any suggestions would be appreciated - the wife and I are mostly retired (if I get some work I will but if not we travel). This is my first post on this forum, seems like a good fit for my interest.

    Thanks for any input - Bob and Deb

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    Default Wonderful !

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The weather as we all know is totally unpredictable so far in advance but your trip should work out just fine. You will need to keep up to date with the weather and road conditions in Sequoia and Yosemite and although the high Sierra country will still be closed off due to snow accumulation, it can be a wonderful time to visit before the crowds start arriving. In Yosemite the waterfalls should be starting to flow down into the valley floor which will create a wonderful sight.

    Good idea to spend a little time practising fitting the chains instead of waiting to open the packet for the first time in a blizzard ! Although chains can get you out of a tricky situation if caught out in a storm, I wouldn't think of them as a 'magic cure' to enable you too go anywhere you want, and if the conditions were that bad you needed them you should try and avoid the area at that time and find a warm, cosy Hotel to hold up in and let the storm pass.

    Pack layered clothing as the difference in temps could vary considerably !

    You will find Lot's of info throughout the forums and the rest of the RTA site so have a good look around. If you have any other questions just ask.
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    Thanks for the advice - layered cloths and pray for good weather! May post later with route ...

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    Looking at the weather first week of April we may drive up HWY 1 from LA to SF, no tire chains needed. Save the trip to the parks for late Sept trip or late May .... We've driven from Carmel up to Seattle - may have to change thread title ... still planning.

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    Default Have a 'plan B' ?

    You could leave it open and see what is going on with the weather, there is every chance that you won't see snow other than that on top of the mountains and are unlikely to need chains, you could see daytime temps in the mid 60's as Spring comes to the valley floor in Yosemite, but no way of knowing for sure at this point.

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