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    first time poster so go easy on me

    what im looking for is some advice and help....ill try and give as much details as i can and anything you can advise ill be very grateful

    i have booked to fly from ireland to LAX start of june for 3 weeks...during this time we have a hire car wife has been to LA before but it was when she was younger and didnt really have much of a notion where she was going etc.....we have came up with a rough list of places we wanna see but anything inbetween these times is what im looking to fill

    we were planning on stayin in LA from arrival for roughly 4-5 day's we go see the usual stuff like disney and universal studios etc....but i would like for a day maybe to see something not usually on the tourist trail

    after LA its a drive north to san fran maybe for 4-5 days again....not been here so we are new to everything that can be advised to go see

    after that then we were planning to driving to vegas for maybe 3 days....on the way to vegas we are planning on spending a day or 2 exploring the parks on the way(yosimite i think its spelt)

    after vegas planning on going on to the grand canyon and hoover dam

    we have hotels booked for the 3 major citys...but i was wonderin inbetween times could it be ok to find hotel/motel places on the way that we have not booked or would it be better to make sure verything is booked in advance

    also i have never drove on the right hand side of the roads before(left hand drive car) so would it be better to drive mostly highways or back roads i really dont know....also would it be advisable to buy a sat nav on arrival or better just to hire one from the car company

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    oh i forgot to mention that i would like to visit a public gun club of some discription to let off a few rounds if possible...any advice on what to look for would be good!!!

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    Default the middle

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The outline you've selected is certainly a common one, and it is the most discussed route on the forum, so you'll find no shortage of other threads to look at.

    However, what really stands out to me is how you are spending nearly all of your time in cities, and anything that's in between is just mentioned as an after thought. Admittedly, I'm personally more biased towards nature, but there are lots of things in between that you just can't see anywhere else in the world.

    Between LA and SF, you didn't mention the coast highway, which is one of the most scenic drives in the world. However, you'd need at least 2 days for the drive to do it.

    Similarly, you did mention Yosemite, which is worth at least a full day in its own right, but you've also got the possibility of Sequoia and/or Death Valley. The big thing here is that Tioga Pass through Yosemite typically opens for the year in late may or early june depending upon the weather, so that could play a role in what you can do or how you have to do it.

    There's also a lot more stuff around the Grand Canyon that could be done too, if you have time.

    Along the way, it will depend upon where you want to stay if you need reservations. If you want to stay right in national parks, it would be recommended, if you're ok with staying outside the parks you could probably get by without, however that can mean an hour drive to get into/out of the parks.

    Getting used to driving on the right shouldn't take too long, and it would probably be cheaper to buy your own GPS than rent one from the rental company (or if you already have one, downloads US maps). You'll likely have to just try searching the internet for gun clubs, to see what their policies are.

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    yeah i was looking at the numerous other topics on the west coast and gettin a good idea on whats involved and stuff

    im going for 22 day's 11 will be spent in the big 3 cities and 11 will be spend on the nature side of things so its not really an after thought.....i just wanted idea's on what to see and do and where to go too as i realy had not researched the things to do outseide of cities thats why i joined and posted here

    the drive you talk about is that called the big sur???? i did read up on that and as we were driving from la to sf i was definitly going to take that into the trip

    thanks for the help btw...cheers

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    If it's not too late, it's recommended that you drive the coast road from SF to LA instead of from LA to SF. That way, the scenic turnouts will be on your side of the road.

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    i have read that alright....that is a cert we are def going to be doing it that way without a shadow of a doubt

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    Default Other way around ?

    Sorry, I am a little confused. You say you have booked your Hotels and you are starting in LA, so are you planning on changing your Hotel dates ?

    If you are heading South from San Fran to LA but landing in LA, I would recommend you go from LA to the Grand canyon and then to Vegas via the Hoover dam. You can then go through Death valley and to Yosemite. The later in your trip you head for Yosemite the greater the chance of the Tioga pass [CA120] across the Sierras being open, if not you can head around the Southern end via Bakersfield. From Yosemite to San Fran and then a couple of days down the coast and back to LA, as mentioned earlier, to stick to the coast and around Big Sur you will need at least 1 overnight stop.

    I would personally book lodgings for Yosemite, Grand canyon and Death valley as the closest ones to the parks [ or those inside] can book up real early.

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    sorry maybe i wsnt clear there

    i have only booked 4 nites in la

    after that im free to do what ever....but im planning on staying 4 nites in san fran and 3 in vegas,,,its were i go and what i do inbetween times im looking for tips and ideas and what direction i should head!

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    Default Ok.

    In that case I would suggest going in the direction mentioned above. With 10 days in the City's and one in LA before the flight home you will have 10 days [?] There is a variety of ways you could spend them and the threads Michael linked you to earlier in the thread is a good place to look. You could spend a little time in Joshua tree NP and/or the Mojave preserve and stop a night on route to GC and then I would recommend a couple of days at the Canyon. From Vegas spend a day in Death valley and then head towards Yosemite for a couple of days. If you were to head South via Bakersfield you could visit Sequoia NP and easily spend a day admiring the giant trees. You could head to the Napa valley from Yosemite and do a little wine tasting and then to San Fran over the Golden gate bridge. In San Fran an Alcatraz tour is a top attraction, others would include Fishermans Wharf [Pier 39] Union Square, China town, Coit tower and riding the cable cars. Two to 3 days down the very scenic coast Rd to LA where you could stop in Monterey and visit the Aquarium, drive around Big Sur and enjoy the scenery, State parks and possibly a Hearst castle tour near to San Simeon.

    Depending on the pace you want to travel you could also consider Monument valley from Grand canyon and even Zion NP in Southern Utah by heading North from GC through Page and back down I15.


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