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  1. Default Searching for roadtrip buddy July/August


    I'm planning a roadtrip through the southwest and would love to find one or more people who want to join me on this trip.

    Since I'm from Belgium, I will be flying in from Europe and will arrive on July 16th. I can stay till August 15th.
    I've been thinking about this trip for months and came up with two possible routes.
    route #1: San Francisco>Cambria>Yosemite>Lee Vining>Death Valley>Las Vegas>Zion>Bryce Canyon>Capitol Reef>Moab>Monument Valley>Page>Grand Canyon>Kingman>LA>San Diego
    route #2: Phoenix>Grand Canyon>Page>Monument Valley>Moab>Capitol Reef>Bryce Canyon>Zion>Las Vegas>Death Valley>Lee Vining>Yosemite>San Francisco>Cambria>LA>San Diego

    I'm a 32 year old female, this will be my first time in the US. I would prefer to travel with no more than 4, the plan is to rent a car and combine visiting cities with exploring the national parks on the way. I would like to make a few hikes in the parks we visit. (Obviously no hikes in Death Valley.)
    My budget is 6000€.

    Interested in joining me? Please leave a message below or send me an e-mail.

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    Default Welcome.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You have come up with a couple of great itinerary's there, good luck with finding travel buddies !

  3. Default hi

    I am from Argentina and i am also planning a road trip around june, maybe july , i was thinking i was going more through the South East states.

    I am 31, male and would be nice to do it with some other people.

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    Thanks for welcoming me Dave!

    swar, I can only go july/august. The only time in the year that I can get a month of at work. The South East states seem great as well, but that would be for another trip. This time I have my mind set on the South West. Good luck with your search and I wish you a great trip!

  5. Default Interested

    Hi Sanna,

    I'm interested in this road trip. I'm a 26 y/o male from CA. Since I'm from CA, I've been to a lot of those places you plan to go to but I think it would be interesting to be with a person who haven't been to those places for a different perspective.

    I've always wanted to go on a road trip but my friends are not up for it. 6000 Euro is steep for me. Do you mean 6000 Euro total or to split?

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    It would be great to do this trip with a local.

    6000€ is the budget that I can spend on this trip. It also includes my plane ticket (1000€). If the trip can be done for less, that would be great of course.

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    Hi Sanna,

    I like the sounds of your trip! I'm planning to do something similar but on a bigger scale - ideally a full round trip including Canada and most (if not all) continental states. I haven't tied down any dates yet which is frustrating but if it happens to be when you're around then I'd be glad to share a ride. I'm 26, male, from the UK.

    I'd love to do some hiking all over the place - actually I was looking yesterday at hiking across the Grand Canyon - quite a task but it's possible over a two-day hike!

    Leo, I can see what Sanna means about the benefit of having a local on board! If this doesn't work out then I'll let you know when I'm heading through if you want a ride.


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    I've decided on route #2, so I'll be starting in Phoenix, July 16. I'm hoping to book my flight this week.

    Chris, let me know if you have your dates set.
    Hiking across the Grand Canyon must be quite an adventure, I'm too inexperienced though and I've read it's not easy to obtain a permit, but who knows maybe in a couple of years...
    I would also love to hike to Havasupai one day, seems magical.

    Any female companions? Ideally I would like to do this trip two guys-two women.

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    Sorry for the late reply, I thought the thread ran into a dead-end and haven't checked.

    I forgot you had to buy your tickets to the US so of course it'll be more for you in the first place just to get here. Phoenix is fine with me since it'll end in SD and that's where I live. I don't know what kind of hotel rooms you like, whether rooms or shared or not, but I definitely think $6000 (US) would be more than enough to cover a road trip if we do split gas and car rental. I also agree that four sounds like a great number. I wouldn't even mind up to five. I hope you do find a girl so you'll feel safe. If you do Chris's bigger trip, maybe I can join in when you two make it to the west coast.

    Since I thought the thread ran dead, I was planning my own trip with

    July is good for me to meet you in Phoenix and we can start an amazing adventure together if you like. Are you a good driver?

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    Also Chris, hit me up at when you get to SD and if you want someone to show you around.

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