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    Default Michigan to New Mexico- Route 66

    I'm hoping for help! My sister and I want to visit a friend of mine in Albuquerque this next year and we would love to take route 66 to get there. Problem is, I really have no idea where to begin planning the route, what are some good attractions along the way, even a nice-cheap- hotel to stay in. What's your favorite part of route 66?

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    Default Link with Lot's of good info.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA fourms !

    Route 66 was decommissioned years ago and replaced by the Interstate system and although parts of the original road still exist, it can be difficult to follow.

    This RTA page has a great list of Route 66 resources and would be a good place to start planning.

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    Back a few years ago, a group of friends had a bowling tournament in Tulsa, OK. We decided to make it a road trip and take as much of the old Route 66 as we could. I'm glad we did because we had so much fun!!!

    Favorite stop was the Cozy Dog Drive In in Springfield, IL It's the place that invented the corn dog! So darn good!!

    I also remember stopping at the Dixie Trucker Stop. Lotsa truckers, but a great place to stop and eat. I remember sitting waiting to order. Most of the girls wanted to order a salad or something light, and I said, "You can't order a salad at a truck stop!! You gotta order a beefy burger or something!" We all ended up ordering some kind of burger or Patty Melt or Rueben or something. Next thing you know, two truckers come walking in, sit down in the booth across from us and order salads!!

    I also remember stopping at Polka Dot Drive In, the St. Louis Arch, the Budweiser brewery, etc. Go to the library and check out some books, or do some research online. I had a great small book titled Traveling Route 66There is alot of info out there!

    It was fun and I'm glad we did it. Hope your's is just as fun!

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    Just found this and thought I would share.

    Happy travels!

    Route 66 Map Guides

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