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    Default Single woman's entire USA road trip this summer

    I am planning on leaving the 1st of June, travewl across the southern states, up the east coast, back across the northen states and down the west coast. I will be staying with family and friends, camping, and working on organic farms during my travels. I am looking for places to visit, routes to use, and any other advice.Thanks, Susan

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    Default Journey around RTA.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums Susan, exciting times ahead !

    I would encourage you to look around the forums and other RTA road trip planning pages[found in the tool bars above] where you will find everything you want to know about road tripping.

    Your trip is too big and too 'open ended' for us to be able to give you any meaningful advice at the moment, as there are millions of miles of Highways and By ways to consider and thousands upon thousands of places that may, or may not be of interest to you.

    As you work your way through your planning and come across any specific questions and/or areas of interest then please ask and we will try and answer them for you.

    Working on the road might be something you are familiar with [which I am not] and of no concern. If not, I wouldn't rely on casual labour to make your budget manageable, when it seems that there is a shortage of work for the Locals who would [more than likely] take priority for employment over a visitor/stranger who may only been in town a few day's.

    Enjoy the planning !

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    I really have to agree that my concern is that you might be daydreaming in best cases a bit too much, and not quite having enough reality in your plans.

    The idea of "working on organic farms" as you make your way across the country just really makes it sound like you've got a very idealized plan that sounds fun and romantic, but isn't nearly as simple in the real world. Perhaps you've done a lot of research already and found an exact way to make this work, but if you haven't, then I think you really need to take a step back and make sure you've really done your homework and know exactly what it will take to do this trip - especially in regard to the financial aspects. A plan where you'll survive on the road by just showing up to do farm labor (especially labor that's specific to organic farms) really is no plan at all.

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    Default research for single woman's summer road trip

    I have done some research. Most places I have people to visit. I will also camp and work for the wwof organization at places I don't have a place to stay. I am planning AZ,NM, TX, LA, Fl and then up the east coast. Havn't decidie my northen route across the top part of the USA but then I'll go down the west coast and end in San Diego.

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