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    Default Boston, MA to Santa Fe, NM

    Hello All. I am new user to this website and forum. This place seems interesting and very useful. I am a consultant and my projects are always in different states. I have always been flying. But now i am planning a road trip, don't want to miss this chance of doing a nearly cross country road trip. I know the weather is a killer. But i have to go for a new project in New Mexico so might as well do it now, who knows when its possible again.

    I am planning a road trip from Framingham, MA to Santa Fe, NM. I have lived in TX, NY, MA, NJ and visited NM, FL. However all the major states which would cover this route are totally new for me. As of now i think the easiest way would be to follow the route line provided by the map and check out the Natural Wonder and other IMP attractions on the way. But are there any route's i am missing which fall on my route, how will i know that. Also I am looking for 1,2 people to join me, who can share fuel costs, i have my own car and drive better and is a good company. If any group is driving and need little space i can be help. What would be the best way/route to make this trip more efficient ? Its not a vacation for me. But need to enjoy it too. Hence how many days would it take ? What are the best routes to follow along this path
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    Default Getting started.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The trip by the most direct route[s] is going to require 4 days of driving so you need to decide how much time you can dedicate to the journey before you start to consider detours.
    You can use the forums plus the route pages and Map centre in the tool bar above for planning research purposes and when you have an idea of where you are heading and how long you have we can help fill in the blanks.

    You can also use Google maps and drop and drag the blue route line when you have put in your start and end points which will then 'correct' the route and show you new options. You should check weather and road conditions prior to travelling and adjust accordingly if need be.

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    There is no "best" route, but the fastest and most efficient route is 2200 miles and will require 4 days of dedicated driving. If you want to sightsee, you need to add more days.

    Take the Mass Pike to Sturbridge, then I-84 through Hartford to Scranton. Take I-81 to I-80 out into Ohio. At the Ohio Turnpike, stay on I-76 through Akron to I-71. Take that to Columbus and get on I-70 to STL. From there, take I-44 to OKC, then I-40 into NM. The "shortcut" into Santa Fe is US-285.

    For sightseeing diversions, the whole stretch of I-44 and I-40 you would be on follows the routing of old Route 66.

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    Thanks Dave & GLC

    For now this is what is in my mind.

    1. Framingham, MA (Start Point)

    2. Seacacus, NJ

    3. Dallas, TX

    4. Santa,Fe (End point)

    I will be visiting my friends and taking rest in NJ, TX . Looking for inputs on very important natural wonders/ things not to miss / good route and where to take rest and flex muscles between start and end points. My journey from pont no. 3 to point no. 4 is big one. I have no idea as of now what can be done or seen there .


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    I'm sorry, but if your plan is to drive direct from NJ to Dallas in one shot, you need to go back to the drawing board. That's a 1600 mile trip, and you need a bare minimum of 3 days to do that safely. You're looking at way over 24 hours of pure on the road drive time. Dallas to Santa Fe is also beyond what we recommend for one day - you could do it, but you certainly wouldn't have any time to see anything along the way.

    Beyond that, You really haven't told us anything more than you told us before, so the already given advice of looking around at the resources Dave mentioned for more ideas is still the best bet. Once you've got a better idea of what you want out of your trip, and you've got a more realistic plan of what you can do, we'll be glad to offer additional tips and suggestions.

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