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    We are from Chicago and are heading to Texas (again...last time it was Houston)..for a tournament we are involved in...but we usually try a road trip vs flying.....we went the route of Arkansas previously. Any suggestions for family of five(kids) on what cities/town to stop in and visit. We can typically do 5-6 hour runs...but stay over is necessary. Rand McNally, Google and AAA give different time expectations...15 hours to 22 hours is what the range is. What is the real expecation for drive hours? Do we go through Fort Smith, AR...or Ok City? I guess there are different ways....mostly...we want the fastest route...and which cities to stay in on our there anything interesting to that are suitable for a few kids for a few hours...thanks so much....

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    Unfortunately, Houston and Dallas aren't that far apart and so the most direct route to Dallas is in large measure going to follow the same roads that you used to Houston. By the shortest possible route (I-57/I-55/I-40/I-30) it is just under a thousand miles. That is a trip that is measured in days not hours. If your plan is to only drive 5-6 hours a day, this would be at least a three day trip with evenly spaced stops being Carbondale, IL and Little Rock, AR. As for short stops for the kids (and the adults) try these.


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    My mapping software indicates the fastest route is I-55 to STL, I-44 to Big Cabin OK, then US-69/US-75 to Dallas. This is a 925 mile drive and can be done fairly easily in 2 days, but you will have to drive more than 5 to 6 hours a day. With brief fuel, food, and rest stops, this is about a 18 hour drive. That just happens to take you through Joplin (where I live) and I've done many runs from here to both Chicago and Dallas via these routes. The halfway point for an overnight if you choose to do it in 2 days would be around Springfield MO, which has a wide selection of hotels. If you wanted to take your time and take 3 days, you could spend the first night in the STL western suburbs and the second night in Muskogee OK. Note that if you wanted to take your time and do some exploring off the Interstate, you will be following the routing of old Route 66 all the way from Chicago to Big Cabin. I have found the best way to get around STL is the southern bypass - I-255. The northern I-270 bypass is noted for heavy congestion. Unless you are near rush hour, you can go right through the middle of the city without significant issues.

    A couple places to eat that are not common national chains that are among my favorites are the Super Smokers BBQ in Eureka MO (Exit 264) and Lambert's Cafe in Ozark MO (a few miles south of Springfield off US-65). Please note that Lambert's does not accept credit cards and there will almost always be a line. There's an ATM across the street in the gas station.

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