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    I'm going to spend a week traveling to and from Texas, starting in Illinois. What are some interesting/unique/off-the-beaten-path spots along the way?

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    From where in Illinois to where in Texas? What do you consider offbeat, etc.? And perhaps most importantly, how much time are you willing to put into planning your RoadTrip other than tossing off a one line question?


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    Southern IL to Houston and/or San Antonio, TX. I would consider off-the-beaten-path to be whatever the majority of tourists don't go out of their way for. And no, I don't plan on putting too much effort into the planning. My ideal road trip is one of spontaneity.

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    You can certainly use the many tools available on this site, including the map center, routes, and attractions sections, to find lots of ideas to help you on your way.

    But when you are going out of your way to say that you aren't planning to put much effort into your planning, its a little silly to think that others are going to put much effort into searching out things for you to do, especially when you want things that by their very nature are going to require some pretty in depth thought.

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    That's fair. And I have been utilizing the tools on this website - they're great. I don't expect people to do research of any kind on my behalf. I was just wondering if anyone had that you-must-see-this spot somewhere along the way. I'm considering taking a slightly longer route through Mississippi and Louisiana instead of Arkansas. Any thoughts on that?

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    Hi I am planning to drive from boston to santa-fe , via texas...i think we have mostly common route..I am looking for a good company and good driving skills.

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