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  1. Default About to drive to Orlando, FL (via Detroit) with kids 1st time pls help!


    In 3 weeks, my husband and I are driving with our 5 and 3 year old daughters to Orlando, Fl from Toronto, Canada. We plan on taking 3 days to get to Orlando...via Detroit...with overnight stays in Dayton/Cincinnati, OH, Macon, GA and then arrive in Orlando on the third day.

    I would really appreciate any tips on where to stop along the route (our plan is to take I75 all the way). Ideally I would like to stop every three hours or so with our girls. We are looking for places for a break and to stay the night that have something fun or interesting for kids to do.

    I would also welcome any tips on scenic views to take in, interesting things to look for...the drive will be a first for all of us.

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    Default Restful Stops and Even Pacing

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    You won't have a lot of time on your trip for big stops, but I certainly applaud your plan to stop every few hours along the way for some out-of-car time. As it happens, I prepared a list of just those sorts of quick, near the highway, interesting or scenic stops a few years ago. It still holds. I am a bit concerned about your second day. Dayton to Macon is just about 600 miles and is thus at the limit of what professional drivers are allowed to do, and they (typically) don't have children along for the ride). I think you'll be much better off with more evenly spaced days - unless there are compelling reasons for spending your two nights in Dayton and Macon. I'd try for a bit farther on the first day when your fresh, say the south side of Cincinnati, and pull up a little bit sooner on the second day, say after getting by Atlanta.


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    Thank you very much! Yes, we do not want to over do it on day two. We will take your advice.

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