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  1. Default From Columbus,Ohio to MT. Rushmore Early May

    Hello to everyone on this forum. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
    I believe this year will finally be the year to make this road trip.
    First off,I should say I am not a rookie roadtripper.
    I have made long jaunts from Columbus to Vegas and Arizona in the past. I have also been to Atlantic City and Niagara Falls in the past.
    I love to hit the open road when I have the chance.
    I'm writing here to hopefully score some important information about the type of weather I could expect from the areas I will hit going through.
    Can I expect winter like conditions in South Dakota and possibly the Wyoming area around the middle of May?
    Can I expect snow on the ground and cold temps (cold being a relative term I know.)
    I'm mainly concerned what people have experienced in the past,all the weather websites in the world cannot substitute for real people.
    I appreciate anyone responding.

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    There is simply no way that anyone can tell you what to expect in the way of weather 5 months in advance. May in the western high plains can be a very unsettled time weather wise, seeing everything from balmy, sunny days to near blizzard conditions. You simply will not know the weather you can expect to encounter until 2-3 days before the actual occurrence.


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