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  1. Default Summer 2011 San Fran, Yellowstone, SLC, Grand Canyon etc

    We are a family from England and are planning this route for summer

    SF, Yellowstone, Salt Lake, Grand Canyon, LV, San Diego LA and home.

    We have 3 weeks. Is this route possible in this time? Some of the distances are long. Can you suggest any stop over places of interest? Particularly between SF and Yellowstone , and SLC and Grand Canyon.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Many options.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Your itinerary is certainly doable at around 2500 miles to cover in 3 weeks, but there are many, many options 'in between.'

    My first recommendation would be too head for Yosemite NP from San Fran as it is up there with the best of them. On the way to Salt lake City I would drive South through the Grand Tetons and from SLC you could visit a couple of Southern Utahs wonderful NP's, namely Zion and Bryce canyon. You could then head through Page [Antelope canyon/Lake Powell] to the South rim of Grand canyon. Of course the quieter North rim nearer to Zion is also a viable option. Death valley has a weird and wonderful landscape that you could detour across from Vegas before heading South. You could also consider completing the loop back to SF and drive up the coast Highway and take in the wonderful scenery around Big Sur.

    Lots more options/routes to consider but you will have to work out how long you want to spend in each place and at what pace you want to travel and then start piecing it all together. Have a look around the RTA pages and as you get some dots on the map and you have new questions, just ask.

    Enjoy the planning !

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    Many thanks for your reply. I should have said we came to California in 2009 and visited Yosemite and drove the Pacific coast so we were looking for something different. I will look at your other suggestions. Yellowstone is very appealing but it does add many miles to the trip.

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    Had a look at stopping at Page for Grand Canyon. Is this a good place to stop the night and drive to Canyon instead of trying to get a hotel nearer Grand Canyon?

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    Default Keep looking.

    As you have been to California and want to go to Yellowstone, but are concerned with the miles, have you considered flying into Denver or Salt lake City or even Vegas ? Utah, Colorado and Arizona all have amazing and contrasting scenery that you could include with or without a Yellowstone trip.

    Heading North from SF into Oregon could take you through the Coastal Redwoods and to such places as Crater lake. Take a look at the Map centre where you can work on routes and see listed attractions, using either the 'Radius search' or 'search along a selected route' options.

    There are just so many options to consider you will have to nail it down a little more for us to give any meaningful suggestions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ceewash View Post
    Had a look at stopping at Page for Grand Canyon. Is this a good place to stop the night and drive to Canyon instead of trying to get a hotel nearer Grand Canyon?
    North or South rim ? Page or Kanab are OK for the North rim with other options at Fredonia [nearest town] and Jacob lake. Cameron, Flagstaff, Tusayan or Williams for the South rim.

    Personally I prefer to stay in, or as close to the National parks as possible depending if the budget can withstand the costs. Just the drives into the parks can take a fair amount of time and during the summer Months will see heavier traffic and queues at the kiosks.

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    Do you recommend North or South rim? What are the benefits of both?

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    The south rim is the more popular side. It's easier to get to - being about an hour north of I-40, It is open year round, and has far more services available, both inside and outside of the park.

    The north rim is about 1000 feet in elevation higher than the south rim, and is much more quiet and undeveloped. It's closed by snow in the winter months, and you're looking at a couple hours of driving back out to the nearest town. Of course, the less developed aspect is exactly what a lot of people like about it.

    While the two sides are only a couple miles apart as the crow flies, It's a good 5 hour drive to go between the north and south rims.

  9. Default San Francisco to Salt Lake City

    Travelling this route in summer. How many days would you allow? What are the roads like over the mountains? Where would be good place for overnight stop?
    All advice welcome, we are from England and this is only our second trip to USA.

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    It's 750 miles from SF to SLC via I-80. This will take you a day and a half. It's a very easy drive, Interstate highways are all like your motorways. Overnight depends on what time you get out of SF and which day you want to be your half day. If you want your second day to be your half day, stop in Wells NV. If you want your first day to be your half day, stop in Reno NV. If you want to balance it out, Winnemucca is approximately halfway, and Elko is between Winnemucca and Wells. There is essentially nothing anywhere else along I-80 in NV except Fernley, which isn't too far out of Reno.

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