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    have always been a huge fan of the raod trip.Remeber some from being a kid but the big one was when I turned 18 and got on a grayhound from Oh. to Montana.that is where i have been for 20 yrs now.When my ex moved south our daughter was 5 and not flying on her own.So we used to meet half way to swap her for the summers.this is when my true love of the road trip began.
    After our good-byes I would fish my way home sometimes taking days to do.I would camp and take differant routes home.So when she was old enough to fly I realized I didn't want to give my trips up.So every year I plan my trip and take off to fish and camp my way to see new parts of the U.S.The only real rule to the trip is NO MAPS ALOUD.I stop and look at them at rest stops but don't take one along.
    My travels have seen me coast to coast.This year I take take the life changing jump trip yet.My daught is now 18 and started in school and on to her life.The run side of me has been wanting to go for a long time,but man she was worth everything.I love the kid,love the life we lived.Now I need to find me as me not mom.I got Dog,a gun and a car.
    I am selling everything that wont fit and can't be left at my friends till I come for it and of the dog and I go.I think I can maybe spend a yr on my trip.I have family and friends along the way so that will beak it up some.And with no plan or time frame and can sit back and enjoy the ride.Will camp and fish most of the way with some planned nights in a bed.If something jumps out at me then we go with it.Hope to see lots of who knows what along the way.Hope to find me and a beach bar along the way too.
    I Plan to start my trip heading south in to az from montana.Spend some time with my neice. have not been to Az. before.Then I want to head to the coast and follow that to fl. where friends are.If anyone has some Must see sights to share I would love to know and stop and see........thanks and safe travels.I leave the start of Febuary 2011.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    We don't do "must see sights" as we believe the road trip to be an individual thing and the freedom it offers to go where you want, when you want. One persons dream location can be another's ultimate nightmare and on such an open ended trip as yours we could fill pages and pages up with millions of ideas.

    I would recommend you search around the forums and look at the other RTA pages [that can be found in the tool bars above] for ideas and inspiration that you can take with you. You can for example, find Lot's of attractions using the RTA map centre or take a look here at the A to Z list of State places.

    While on the road the best way to find those 'hidden gems' is to talk to the Locals, they are normally only to pleased to share their "secrets".

    Enjoy RTA and if you have any specific questions please ask.

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