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  1. Default Feb 2011 - Planning trip from Fort Bragg, NC to Sacramento, CA

    Hey there,

    My husband and I will be driving across country from Fort Bragg, NC to Sacramento, CA in early February 2011. Would like to get there as quick as possible (3 days or less). Any suggested routes? We were thinking of taking the southern states route, I believe that would be going through TN, AK, OK, TX, NM, AZ, through So Cal and up to Nor Cal (I'm very familiar with driving through CA). Hoping we could get some help with the best suggested stops on the way there, as far as refueling, etc. is concerned. Any help would be awesome, and greatly appreciated. By the way, we will be driving with our newborn as well. So I know that unexpected stops will be in during the trip. But I would just like to map it out the best that I can with unexpected stops in mind as well.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm sorry, but there simply is no way to safely do what you want to accomplish here.

    At the shortest route options, you're looking at a 2800 mile trip, and the southern route you described (which still sees plenty of winter weather) is even longer. You need a bare minimum of 5 days to do this safely, and even attempting it in 3 days would mean you are putting yourself, your husband and your newborn, and everyone else on the road in an extreme amount of danger. You would be every bit as dangerous as a drunk driver well before you got to your destination.

    There simply is no way to get enough rest and make this drive in 3 days. Even attempting it in 4 days, and even with multiple drivers, is just too much, and that's if you see perfect weather, which just isn't likely in February.

    Please plan on this taking 5 days, and have a 6 day available in case you hit some weather or other unexpected delay. There just is nothing so important that getting there in "3 days or less" is worth risking the life of your family.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Sorry, but Fayetteville to Sacramento is 2800 miles. That's 5 days of driving. 550 miles a day. With an infant, even that is pushing it. Anything faster will be putting the life of your new child at risk. Period. Professional drivers are limited to about 600 miles a day due to the inevitable onset of highway hypnosis, and fatigue. Studies have shown that drowsy driving is every bit as dangerous as drunk driving. You need to find 5 full days to make this drive, and even then it will have to be by the shortest route possible, up to Greensboro, then I-77 to Charleston, I-64 to St Louis, I-70 to Kansas City, I-29 up to Nebraska and I-80 the rest of the way. But again, you need five days. And if there are any weather or other "unexpected stops" you will need more than that.


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    Thank you both for the advice on the trip. I had a feeling that's what I was going to hear. 3 days is ideal, but definitely taking time and precaution while driving outweighs getting across country fast.
    I thought I'd throw the idea out there, since my husband INSISTED that we'd be able to get there in less than 3 days.
    Well, our other 2 options were to either fly, or stop at as many landmarks as we could on the way there.
    Once again, appreciate the advice and and quickest route to Cali.
    Happy Holidays!

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    Default Is your husband a robot?

    If your husband was a robot, he probably could make the trip in three days, because a robot wouldn't need to ever sleep or rest or take a break. If you could drive without sleep, stopping only for the bare essentials like fuel, it would take you about 52 hours.

    However, for those of us who are more human, there is no way to drive for 52 straight hours, nor is it possible to safely drive for 18 hours a day every day for 3 straight days. Could you do it for one day if you really needed to, sure, but it would be a brutally long day on the road that would be no fun, and when you factor in that your stops will likely take you even longer because of the baby, it would be about a 20 hour day. I assure you, after one day of that, you would be in no condition at all to drive another 1900 miles over the next 2 days.

    If you have to get there in under 5 days, then flying is really your only option. If you want to have time to stop at several landmarks and really enjoy your trip, then a week to 10 days would be a good goal for what would still be a pretty quick trip.

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