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    Hello fellow travel enthusiasts,

    I am a teacher from Australia and am planning a holiday to the US in December/January (our summer break) 2011. I realise I am not going to be able to see everything I want so am tying to narrow down the long list of things I want to see.

    The front runner is a campervan trip from East to West, LA to maybe New Orleans or somewhere like that, taking in everything in between. I am a little unsure of how the weather and roads will be at that time of the year. I am aware that it is winter so may be a little 'challenging'.

    I have around 4 weeks in total and thought to do the road trip for maybe 2? (with a few days in LA before departing) I also want to get up to New York and have a look around there.

    So my questions are these my friends, is it a daft idea to road trip at this time of the year, if not what should I see along the way? Is it too cold to campervan? Would I have to do hire car and hotels?

    Thanks in advance for the help :)

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think the first thing you need to decide is what it is you hope to see. That's going to play the biggest roll in how you decide to go about this trip.

    Two weeks from LA to New Orleans certainly could be done, but you might also just want to spend that time in the southwest. In any case, a campervan could be an option, although going that route will most certainly be more expensive than just going cars/motels, and there will be some areas where it gets cold and possibly below freezing at night.

    Once you've narrowed things down more, I think a lot of your questions will have more obvious answers, and we'll be able to provide more help with what specific questions you might have.

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