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    Would be doing this around the middle of June, yes I'm a citizen and I'd be taking a civic that gets about 38 highway. Want to take the 10 east through the south then up the 95 on the way there, then probably the Midwest route on the way back, 3-4 week timetable, just need some rough estimates on money!! I have family in new york so that's taken care of, but along the way I'd be staying in modest motels, any advice or stories from past experiences would be great!

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    The budget is going to be very dependent on how many miles a day you drive and what gas prices are next June. I would budget about $75 a day not including gas. This should get you rooms at Motel 6 class hotels, basic meals, and incidentals. Note that hotels in urban areas and near major resort areas will be more expensive. Gas could add $50 or more a day.

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    I'd say GLC's estimate is pretty good. You'll be looking at about $50 a day for motels plus $20 a day for food, and throw in $5 for incidentals. $50 a day for gas is also pretty realistic. 550 miles a day at 35mpg with summer gas prices being at $3.50 (a guestimate) that would be $55 a day.

    I will note that I-10 to I-95 is a route that adds more than 500 miles to the more direct routes (I-80, I-70, or I-40), which means you'll need to be on the road for at least one extra day. It really is a 5 day trip on the shorter options, you'd need at least 6 days.

    There's certainly nothing wrong with the longer southern route if that's what you want to do, but that is the downside.


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