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    Default Seattle - (101) - San Francisco - Yosemite - Los Angeles - Las Vegas

    Hi folks!

    I'm Manu from Spain and I'm planning a road trip (what else could it be) all along the west coast of the United States.

    I would like to start my trip in Seattle and finish it in Las Vegas, with longer stops in San Francisco, Yosemite National Park and Los Angeles (I'll stop a lot more though, got no hurries). I expect it to be aroud 2000 miles.

    I'd love to take about 2-3 driving sessions in a road near the coast, have a couple baths in the beach, maybe Route 101 for a while... or maybe I can make it my main route from Seattle to San Francisco, I'm not sure.

    Another alternative is to take Interstate n.5 from Seattle to maybe Roseburg, and then go on in route 101 until reach San Francisco.

    At least I'll have 10-15 days to do it… maybe more (as I said, no hurries), so I think I can make it with 4-6 hour drives per day except in places I want to stay more (like SanFran, Yosemite, Los Angeles, visit Gran Canyon and Monument Valley from Las Vegas…) I expect 7-9 days driving and 7-8 just visiting places.

    Which would be the best alternative for what I want?

    I've never been to California so I don't know if the coast is interesting enough to drive it all from Seattle to Los Angeles, or just a part of it to enjoy beaches and get quicker to San Francisco to visit it and have time to reach Monument Valley...

    All recommendations accepted =)

    Thank you very much.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'll start by saying I don't think I've ever heard anyone regretting taking the coast the whole way, but it is a slow route that does take some time. I will say the arguably most scenic section, and certainly the most famous, is the stretch through Big Sur, which is between SF and LA and not on your current route.

    Your plan looked fine until you mentioned the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley - both of which are a very long way from anything on your current route. GC is a good 5-6 hours past Las Vegas, and Monument Valley is several hours beyond that. Those 2 stops require at least 3 days if you are doing a loop from Las Vegas (requiring more than 4-6 hours a day on the road).

    You didn't say when this trip would be, but you currently don't go over Tioga Pass through Yosemite, however if this is a spring trip, it might not be an option anyway. You also haven't included Death Valley which would be another popular stop.

    You've got a good start, but I think you might be underestimating the distances a little bit. I'd recommend plotting things out in a more day by day fashion and see what you come up with.

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    If you have time you might like to go two hours east of Seattle to Paradise on Mount Rainier and also detour a couple hours east in southern Oregon to Crater lake. both well worth the visit. I've visited Rainier and intend to go to Crater lake and Redwood national park in June.

    Welcome and enjoy


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    Thank you for your replies.

    I'm not used to long distance driving (just 6h max)... Grand Canyon & Monument Valley were just places I knew... but they are far, so I discard them.

    So Big Sur is more interesting than coast north of SF? Okay, I'll check the route ;)

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