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    Default Toll Transponders

    I am planning on leaving New Hampshire south to Florida, Staying a while and then on to the Arizona area. I am curious about paying tolls, does anyone use the transponders? If so what type is the most common. I will be towing a car how does that work going thru the toll booth? Do they charge for the Motor Home, the tow dolly and the car. I sure would appreciate any information that is offered. thanks Much

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    EZ-Pass is the most common transponder type, which covers the northeast. It also works with Indiana and and Illinois' systems. As far as towing, you'll have to double check. I think it is supposed to detect if you are towing, and charge you the appropriate rate, however, there may be some states or areas where you still may need to go to the manual lanes.

    Once you're out of the Northeast, it really stops being an issue. Florida has some toll highways, but their system is not connected to other states. Otherwise, there are very few spots where you'll see tolls at all.

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    Here is a list of the participating EZ-Pass facilities.

    If you click through to the New Hampshire section, here is one of the FAQ's:

    I sometimes pull a camper or trailer with my vehicle. Can I still use my transponder?

    Yes. In this instance the equipment in the lane is designed to identify that your vehicle is pulling a trailer and you will be charged accordingly. However, if you think this will be a regular occurrence, you should call the Customer Service Center and have them send you a transponder programmed for the vehicle classification you use most frequently. You should never use your transponder in a vehicle type other than the one you initially requested (i.e. Car transponder in a tractor-trailer).
    There may or may not be a monthly service charge for it, it depends on a few things. I'd recommend you contact one of your local offices and discuss your options.

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    Keep in mind also that in Massachusetts, the system and lanes are labelled "Fast Lane" - and there is no rhyme or reason as to where the particular lane you need to be in will be located. There are also few lanes that are marked as "Cash and Fast Lane".

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