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  1. Default Help! Taking I-40 to New Mexico

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a 23-year-old college student leaving from Ohio to Gallup, New Mexico. I'll be taking my Dodge Neon, and my Mom is riding along with me (for safety).

    We'll be leaving between January 3rd and 5th, hoping to arrive before the 10th or 11th.

    Our recommended route from AAA (and Google Maps, etc.) is through St. Louis, down I-44, and then along I-40 until we reach Gallup, New Mexico.

    Here's the deal: I'm starting to fear taking I-40. I've heard horror stories from others who have traveled out the same way, saying that the highway is often closed due to ice or snow.

    What do you guys recommend? We'll definitely be stopping in St. Louis the first day, but from there, I wonder if taking I-40 in early January is the best idea. Is taking I-70 a better bet?

    Thank you SO MUCH!!!

    (Here is the map of the general recommended route.)

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    Default Too early to tell.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    There is just no knowing at this point in time what the weather will be doing in 2 weeks time.
    Yes I40 can see ice and snow, as can I70 but I would recommend keeping your options open until you can get the most up to date forecasts and road conditions prior to leaving, and then make an informed decision. Interstates are a priority to keep open and clear so that the country doesn't come to a halt. Sticking to them should minimise the risk of delays, but in the event of a severe winter storm you have time to pull off the road into services for a few hours or a Hotel for the night, and let it pass while the road crews do their job.

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