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  1. Default australian needs advice for buying rv ,insurance, licensing etc in USA.

    Hi We are traveling to the USA in may 2011 for 2 months. We intend to buy a small RV 20ft approx.Can someone please advise on the process of buying and licensing etc. Thanks Merv

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    Default Two chances ! [Slim and none]

    Not good news I'm afraid, Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    For many years we have been asked the same question and still no one has come back with a definitive answer, or reported that they have found a way around the red tape, despite us asking them to do so on each occasion. The fact is that as an overseas visitor you will come across a whole lot of stumbling blocks, and that is if you can overcome the first hurdle of having an address to register it to in the US. Having a friend in the US who is a resident with permanent address is usually the first step, but then we don't know of a way that it wouldn't put them in a position where they could face lawsuits etc if there was an incident involving the vehicle.

    All that aside, for a 2 Month trip I doubt it would be worth it. By the time you have found the right vehicle and got all the title deeds etc, it's going to take a big chunk of your time. This would mean buying at retail and selling at trade values, the difference could be huge. Add to that the cost of getting it on the road and the risk of mechanical failure etc, it would be probably be just as well to rent a vehicle.

    Oh, If you do find the answer, please, please let us know !!

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    Rent a compact 19 foot or standard 23 to 25 foot RV from Cruise America. It will wind up being a lot less costly both in cash and in time than trying to buy one.

    Bottom line, a visitor here on the visa waiver program can't title, register, and insure a vehicle.

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    The legalities make what you want to do virtually impossible, but it really is the money that make it an impractical move even if you could get beyond those.

    With a regular sized car, you're looking at 2 to 3 months to get to the "break-even" mark, with an RV that's going to be even higher. You're going to pay much more up front, and get much less when you go to sell it. Even buying a used one, you'll be lucky to get 1/2 of what you pay when you'd try to sell it at the end of your trip - and when you consider you'd be selling it on a tight timetable (because it has to be sold before you can leave) you could easily be forced to find a dealer who will take it off your hands, but for pennies on the dollar.

    For a 2 month trip, renting really is the "no-brainer" once you factor in all of the real costs to make the purchase.

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    Thank you for the advice. That is good to know. Cheers Merv

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