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    we want to drive to Houston (from Philadelphia, PA) in mid August next year to drop our son off to college. In addition to my wife, we also have a daughter (15).

    I am planning to rent a minivan and cover the distance of about 1,500 miles in 4-5 days. Reason to rent is so we can take a flight back. The idea is to stop at interesting places along the way, and just have a good time before our son starts college.

    Interesting places for us are parks, historic attractions, shopping (wife of course), and places to eat.

    I would appreciate your experiences, suggestions, and comments.


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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You have 3 full day's on the road so not much time for sight seeing, but some. I haven't any personal experience of this route, but there will be a lot of options and I am sure some good one's will come along shortly in other replies. In the meantime you could take a look around the forums and roadtrip planning pages for ideas, and to get a couple of dots on the map to create a route and narrow those options.

    Flying back is an option if you do not have the time to drive, but as well as the rental cost you will be looking at one way drop off fee's.

    We have just launched the brand new RTA map centre [you can find the link in the green tool bar above] and by putting in your start and end points and searching within a 100 miles along the route from the RTA library, I came up with over 130 suggestions!

    Check it out !

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