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    Default eastern backcountry weekend

    My fiance, two friends, and I are starting to plan a weekend traveling through the backcountry of the east.

    We are starting from Lansdale, PA and we want to head south by south west. We are looking to go through the back country. No interstates is a necessity. We have approximately 11 hours of daylight in that time of the year and we want to use all of it on the road.

    We were thinking of going west to the Francis Scott Key Highway down to the Frederick area. From that area to go west to Harpers Ferry area. We would take US 340 through WV and VA to Waynesboro and possibly Staunton for the first day.

    On the way back home we would go on US 250 west to WV to US 220. We would take 220 to WV 55 near Petersburg. We would head from Wardensville north on 259. 259 meets up with US 522 to Berkely Springs. From there we would go 9 east followed by US 11 north to US 30 east.

    Is this possible? Adding 3 hours to each day for stoppage time it would be 10 and 12 respectively. What can we expect to see along the way?

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    Default Farms, Rivers and Woods

    That's actually a very nice piece of real estate you plan on checking out. Nothing spectacular, but a very pleasant drive, and at around 750 miles a very enjoyable weekend. Given that you want to travel mainly by back roads you won't have a lot of time for stops, but some of what you'll be passing through or near includes Strasburg, Gettysburg, Catoctin Mountain National Park, Shenandoah National Park, Fort Frederick, and Lititz. I would recommend any of them for a drive through or better yet, a short stroll.


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    Thanks! I figured it was a pretty easy drive around that area. It's a simple drive to just get out on the road for two days, not go north in the middle of winter (although there is a high possibility of snow), and head into some interesting country. I figured along that route after Staunton there really wasn't much out that way on US 250 and US 220.

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    While I've not driven the specific route you have in mind through the Appalachians of West Virginia, I have crossed it using WV-55/US-33 as a direct route west from Washington. The general terrain is quite appealing, wooded valleys and low rolling 'mountains'. Note that you'll be amongst a couple of National Forests, Monongahela and George Washington, as well as the Seneca Rocks and Spruce Knob National Recreation Areas. I really think you'll enjoy all that "not much"


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    Not much in the way of towns anyway. Being in the congested northeast, "nothing" is a great thing.

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