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    Default 25th Anniversary Road Trip

    My husband and I are planning a road trip in April 2011. We wish to start in San Francisco, rent a convertible and explore for 8 days. We are not locked into any particular location and will fly back to Boston home base from wherever our final destination is. We would appreciate any input about possible routes that encompass scenery and things to see. We could go north, south, or east. It doesn't matter. Of course we do want the top down on the car so that may influence where we may go. I am inclined to want to head north but I am concerned about weather as we will be traveling in April. Any thoughts would be helpful.

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    Default So many options

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forum, and congratulations on your 'Quarter of a Century' celebrations !

    If you are inclined to head North, I don't see that the weather would be a real issue, although "North" is a big target, where you could 'hug' the coast or head for Yellowstone where Spring comes late and a lot of the park still 'out of bounds' due to snow fall.

    A loop starting and ending in SF could see you taking the very scenic coastal route South and then inland to Sequoia NP and Yosemite valley and possibly Napa before returning to SF.

    The coast or the NP's mentioned could be visited as part of a one way trip towards Las Vegas while getting your top off [pardon the expression] in Death valley ! The Grand canyon wouldn't be out of reach on such a trip.

    It really is for you too decide what appeals to you the most for this trip as there are so many options, plus you need to decide what pace suits your travel style. When you have worked it out, we will be pleased to help to join the pieces together, but for now I would use the forums and road trip planning pages to research your options.

    Check out the brand new RTA Map centre !! Follow the instructions and you can call up many attractions to the map from the RTA library.

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    Default Southbound on the Pacific Coast Highway

    Hello sharpners,

    Just bring your jackets, a fleece hat, and gloves, and you can put the top down most anywhere you choose to go! Don't forget the sunscreen and some aloe for windburn treatment during the evenings, either.

    In April, southbound travel on the PCH can be very nice. I don't think April is in the heart of morning fog season (but double check on that). Southbound travel places the great majority of turn-outs on your right side for easy right-in, right-out stops. The sun will still be significantly canted to the south making for limitless shimmer off the water from the high elevations south of Big Sur.

    I'd consider going at least as far as Cambria, a delightful little village with everything within walking distance from the strip of tiny motels, restaurants, bars, and shops along the bluff above the beach. From there a drive through the Coast Range brings you to Paso Robles and its wine district. The James Dean Memorial Junction is on the east side of Paso Robles, with an eclectic ad hoc memorial at the one store/cafe in the crossroads town of Cholame where The Rebel died in 1955. The 30 mile drive south down Bitterwater Road towards Carrizo Plain Nat Mon is the location of many a car commercial--big rolling brown hills, sparse oak thickets, and nothing else. Carrizo Plain itself is a patch of desert, complete with a playa (Soda Lake) and some spectacular up-close views of the San Andreas Fault at Wallace Creek. There's a range of mountains reaching > 5,000' between Carrizo Plain and Santa Barbara/Ventura which are well worth traversing if you decide to head down towards LA. On a clear day, you can stop atop the range and see the Channel Islands some 50-60 miles west, way out in the Pacific.

    Have fun planning and taking your RoadTrip!


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