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    Default Map Wizard Tips & New Developments

    Click here to see the MAP WIZARD Page!

    ***If you need help, there is a special Map Wizard Support Address*** (the on-duty mapping staff person will try and respond within an hour or two. It could be as quick as a few minutes...)

    1. This is a good place to start – no registration is required.

    2. Routes are created between any two locations in Canada, the USA and Mexico.

    3. RTA Library RA’s (RoadTrip Attractions) can be placed on the routes automatically within either a 50 or 100 mile radius from the route.

    4. Maps can’t be saved unless users register – Only one route per map page will display.

    5. Due to the lack of defined roads, calculated routes rarely work in Greenland, although there are some RA’s in Greenland. And there are similar issues when creating some routes in the wilderness areas of Canada.

    6. There are very few Library RA’s in Mexico, but we’ll be adding new ones soon.

    7. How to Share Maps: Maps need to be saved, so you need to register, (if you’re not already a member). Make sure that the map you want to Share has been Saved! Click the button “View and Share Saved Map”, this opens a new page with your saved map and the private URL that you can use to send by e-mail or by any of the social media tools. We’ve put the most popular ones at the top of the page, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Google Buzz and an e-mail link. There is also a “Share with Friends,” icon (the green one) that enables another 50+ social media networks. If you find any issues with this, please post a bug report here.
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