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    We are planning a trip in Feb and have one week to travel from San Francisco to Vegas and then to South Lake Tahoe for a further week of skiing. We would like to visit the Grand Canyon and the Meteor Crater near Winslow prior to Tahoe. I have no idea the best/most interesting route to take - any suggestions would be appreciated - thanks.

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    Since you only have a week to try to cover Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater, and whatever else you'd like to see on the southern portion of your trip, and since nearly all of the passes over the Sierra Nevada will be snow bound in February, you really don't have too many options. In order to make the drive from San Francisco to Las Vegas in one day (if that's what you have in mind) you'll have to take the most direct mostly freeway route, I-5, CA-58, I-15. And even then you will need to get an early start, drive well into the evening, and only arrive at Las Vegas after dark, tired and needing rest.

    You then need to work out when you want to go see the sights of northern Arizona. Your best bet is to do a round trip out and back to Las Vegas for this portion, staying at least one night in the Flagstaff/Williams area, more if you want to spend significant time at the Canyon or see some of the other sites in the region such as Walnut Canyon, Sunset Crater, and Wupatki National Monuments, the Lowell Observatory or the Museum of Northern Arizona.

    After returning to Las Vegas, you face your only real option of the trip, whether to take US-95 or US-395 north to the Lake Tahoe area. Personally I would suggest going northwest from Las Vegas through Death Valley and then cutting west on CA-190 to US-395, both to experience Death Valley and because US-395 is a particularly scenic bit of road.


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    A slight variation to Buck's suggestion I would consider, would be to head direct to the Grand canyon and Winslow before Vegas by taking I 40 from Barstow instead of I 15 to Vegas. It would save the time of going in and out of Vegas twice and 50 miles in distance. When I say direct to the Grand canyon, you will have to stop on route, it is too far from SF to do in a day. You could make it to Needles, or right on the limit of what I would recommend for a day, Kingman for an overnight stop. You could actually then head to Winslow and back to Flagstaff for the night. Head North up US 89 and through the East kiosk of Grand canyon South rim on 64 and out the South kiosk [64] to Williams and I 40. Make your way back to Vegas and then on to Tahoe, I too would suggest Death valley to 395 for a scenic and diverse route.

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    Thanks very much for your help. This certainly gives me something to think about.

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    We now have a slightly firmer plan but we are not sure whether this will work. We are going to travel from San Fracisco to Death Valley - stay in Death Valley then travel to Winslow. Stay in Winslow and then down to the Grand Canyon and then to Zion Canyon. Stay near Zion Canyon then off to Vegas for a couple of days. Then back to Death Valley - staying over and then off to Tahoe. Would this work? Thank you for your advice

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    Default Why twice?

    I'm not sure why you would head into Death valley twice ? It's quite a big detour between SF and Winslow so I would consider going there just the once between Vegas and Tahoe. Barstow would be a mid-way point between SF and Winslow.

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