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    Hi, new here. We're driving from NY to CA due to a military move next month (January...brrr). We've driven across the US many times, but never stopped at landmarks! What are your must see's for this trip?

    Our trip;

    I-80 Passing through Pennsylvania and into Ohio
    I-70 through Indianna and Illinois
    I-44 into Oklahoma
    I-40 through Texas, New Mexico and Arizona

    The only must see on my list at this moment is the Grand Canyon. We've passed the general area so many times and never stopped! How sad. :( This time we're stopping!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    One thing you'll find if you spend a little time looking around this forum is that we're not a big fan of the term "must see." On a trip that covers about 3000 miles the number of possible "must sees" is really in the millions, but in terms of which ones are really musts for you depends upon your interest.

    Obviously, your current route takes you past the St. Louis Arch, Route 66, and several other National Parks, but there is a lot more depending upon your interest, and the amount of time you have. Certainly, spending a little time looking around here, especially at the Roadtrip Routes and Attractions sections will offer even more ideas, and if you come back later this week, you can try out the about to launch RTA Mapping tool which includes attraction ideas right along your route.

    One other thing I'll note because this is a January trip, if you are under any time constraints, you might want to wait to pick your route. Despite being the southern most of the 3 major routes from NY to LA, it still sees plenty of winter conditions and there are times where you will be better off staying farther north,

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