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  1. Default Smoky Mountain/I24 in December

    Hi-we are traveling from MN to FL on Dec. 18 and returning Dec 31. Grandpa is very concerned about us towing a 22 ft Jayco with his grandson through the Smoky Mountains. We have traveled this route on 2 previous trips (Oct & Dec) w/no problems. We are aware to watch the weather & have 3G/Smart phone web access. We would like input on traveling with a trailer-we are towing w/F150 2WD w/plenty of weight in the back. Grandpa wants us to travel south from Memphis on I55 and then head east on I10. We appreciate any feedback

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    Default It's You and the Weather, Not the Road

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    If you look around these forums, you'll fins a recurrent theme. Picking a route on the basis that it's a 'southern' route or 'less mountainous', and thus 'safer', is a losing game. No road is always going to see good weather, and no road is always going to see bad weather. What matters is the actual weather when you are driving through. And you can't possibly know that now, and will only have a fair idea even two days before you drive through an area. There are a few things that you can know: 1) Adding miles increases the amount of time you'll be on the road and thus increases your chances for hitting bad weather, an accident, and all the other hazards associated with road travel. 2) Interstates are economic lifelines and thus are kept open whenever and wherever possible. For that matter, northern and mountain states which see more snow have the equipment, manpower, and expertise to handle it, southern 'safer' routes may not. 3) The biggest single factor in determining whether you have a safe journey or not is NOT the weather, it is NOT your equipment, it is YOU. If you know your capabilities and your limits, and stay within them, then your odds for a safe drive are far better than the "ten foot tall and bulletproof" 18 year old barreling down a southern Interstate in his jacked-up 4WD SUV.

    So, plan a trip that you feel confident in, but be ready to change it should circumstances require it. We can't give you much better advice than that.


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    Wise words. The idea of add hundreds of extra miles and taking a route we are unfamiliar with doesn't seem like effective planning.

    I already have a resource from a previous thread for
    We love to roadtrip and will continue to use this forum as a resource!

    Thank you again!

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    Default Tennessee geography

    Hello snapymacky,

    Since you've driven this route before, it is perhaps an exercise in semantics to point out that neither I-24 route between Nashville and Chattanooga nor I-75 between Chattanooga and Atlanta passes through the Great Smoky Mountains. Between Nashville and Chattanooga I-24 crosses a portion of the Cumberland Plateau and between Chattanooga and Atlanta I-75 crosses the southernmost extension of the Blue Ridge Mountains, but does so at a particularly low point. Neither segment passes elevations in excess of 2,000', far from and totally different from the Smokies where elevations run 4,000-6,800' and the Blue Ridge, where elevations run 3,500' to 5,000'.

    So, rugged and hilly in places, but totally lacking of the elevations typical in the mountains. Down this way, elevation provides the frozen stuff.

    Have a safe and enjoyable RoadTrip!


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