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    Looking for advice to do a trip with 2 kids in the spring. 4yr old and 2 yr old. Starting in las vegas bryce, salt lake, yellowstone, up and through tip of idaho, through oregon, down through cal. And over. Gonna be in a 31' motorhome and would like info on stops and places to see. Also times to go. Dates are flexible. Enkoy mountain biking nd water sports. Any info would help

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    What advice are you looking for ? Spring comes to Yellowstone quite late with some of the park still closed into late May, depending on the Spring thaw and weather. We don't know how long you have for the trip so suggesting stops at the moment wouldn't be of much use.

    I suggest you have a look around the forums and road trip planning pages and when you have some dots on the map we can help fill in the blanks and answer specific questions.

    Enjoy the planning.

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