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    Hi we are a couple 26 and 23 we are off on the 3rd of Jan for a 7 week drive across america. We are starting in Las Vegas and driving to New York (Via Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisianna, Mississippi, Alhabama, Florida (pencicola bay), georgia, Tennesse, North Carolina, Virginia) we are planning the big things like Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Carlsbad Caverns, Roswell! etc)

    We are planning to mainly stay in Motels and other than a rough route we are open to suggestions as we are planning to play most of the trip by ear.

    We are looking to socialise with locals as much as possible and really get all we can out of this trip. Is there anything that is a must at this time of year or anything/anywhere that we should avoid??

    Also any idea of usual weather conditions in these states around this time of year?

    Any comments greatly welcome

    G and Nancy

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    Default A lot of Resources here!

    Quote Originally Posted by G and Nancy View Post
    Hi we are a couple 26 and 23 we are off on the 3rd of Jan for a 7 week drive across America
    Wow! A seven week road trip sounds like heaven! Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum!
    Also any idea of usual weather conditions in these states around this time of year?
    Well, it will be winter driving conditions -- so you should anticipate snow and/or rain in every state in varying amounts. The Weather Underground site has a very nice feature for determining likely weather patterns for road trips. Click here for more information.

    I'd look through our road trip route suggestions for ideas of places to explore and we'll be launching some new road trip planning/mapping tools on Wednesday!


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    Great, Thanks for the advice, we can't wait,
    We have chosen certain towns and citys to stay in, in most states, however we dont have much knowledge on North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland, are there any places you would suggest staying through these states?
    Also is there a hotel/motel chain that stands out above the rest, we are planning to budget travel and think so far motel 6 stands out as a good chain to stick with, with plenty of them spotted around and usually a price within our budget.
    Thanks again for your help
    G and Nancy

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    Other budget chains to look at would be Super 8, Days Inn, Rodeway, and Econolodge. I wouldn't say that any one would stand out above another. You can get an idea of prices in any particular location on Motel 6 does not list on that site though, you would have to use the site.

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    hello G and Nancy
    im Ross from scotland ,me and a friend are planning a similar trip to yourselfs and was wondering how your trip went and if youd give us any advice ?
    our trip is in december /jan but we only have about 8 or 9 days , we hope t.
    o explore some of small town america ,meet the locals ,see the sights and experience the local culture .
    we have no set route planed yet so we are open to suggestions

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    Sorry to tell you grasshopper that "G and Nancy" haven't been back on the forum since they made that post about a year ago, so its fairly unlikely you'll get a response.

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