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  1. Default Looking for neat local spots to eat on our trip from Cleveland to Texas

    Hi All-

    We are driving from Cleveland to Houston and are hoping to stop at good local non-chain places to eat (diners favorites of the locals etc.).

    We are traveling down 71 to 40W hitting cities such as Louisville, Nashville, Memphis and the like along the way.

    Does anyone have suggestions for good local favorites along the way for some good (reasonably priced) meals?

    Thanks so much for your suggestions!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Our general advice on questions like these is to ask locals as you are traveling through. There simply are far too many possible restaurants along a thousand mile route for us to give good meaningful advice, and even in cases where you might hear about a good place, restaurants change ownership and management so often that a great place today could easily be a lousy place by next week.

    There are plenty of "diner/dives/etc" type tv shows that can provide tips, and you might find someone who offers a good suggestion here, but generally speaking, its not one of the strong points of this forum.

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    Default Get off the Interstate

    Well, the first thing, of course, would be to get off the Interstate when you're looking for some place special. Even then, only somewhat larger towns would have enough of a selection to give you good options. Occasionally the "ask a local" advice doesn't pan out all too well, since what constitutes a good meal is subjective. Heck, a local pizza place that I used to really enjoy turned quite awful in only a month's time - and it's under the same ownership!

    A full parking lot is usually a good sign.

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