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  1. Default Road Trip From SW Florida to TN, NC, KY Region-Pointers Please


    T minus 5 days and counting until we leave on our annual "road trip to the north seeking snow" from always sunny SW Florida! Our road trip will last 10 days. No less, and no more.

    We have done this type of winter road trip 3 times in the past, once ending up in Pigeon Forge, TN, another time all the way to Lake Erie in OH, and the third time (last winter) we planted ourselves in heavily snowed out West Virginia, in a town called SUMMERSVILLE nonetheless!

    So as I said we are gearing up to head toward the whole TN, KY, NC region and I am sure we will run into snow as it seems that the snow is dipping way south once again this year (like last year) What I would like to do differently this time is find out in advance some interesting places to go on the way and in that region before we depart. Typically we ride with our laptop computer constantly seeking out interesting places, but I thought I'd check with the knowledgable folks in this forum for a few pointers.

    My guess is that we'll take I75 up through Atlanta and into Knoxville, TN or perhaps go west to Nashville, but not sure after that. I'm even willing to run through the NE areas of Alabama if there's anything interesting there.

    Thanks for any pointers!

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    Default Start by look at some of these featured routes

    This page, lists several routes that might fit well with your plans. Not a perfect match, but they might give you some ideas. This one, in particular, addresses northern Alabama... (I apologize that we seem to have a pagination glitch at the moment, which makes navigation a little challenging, but we're working on fixing it).

    The Lookout Mountain Parkway is another good bet for you!

    Happy Planning!


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    Default You're in luck, or, be careful what you wish for.............

    .........because you might get it.

    Hello TT405,

    Just a week ago today I awakened outside of Boone, NC in my family's vacation home which sits at 4,000' above sea level. Saturday's snow, sleet, and freezing rain had solidified in the 15 degree overnight cold and a nice coating of dry powder covered the frozen mess. There were around 6" on the ground when I hitched up my utility trailer to the truck and headed down the mountain with our Christmas tree--all 12' of it. Snow fell up there all day Sunday, Sunday night, Monday, and finally stopped Tuesday, when the morning temp at the Sugar Mountain ski resort was 1.9 deg and the high for the day was 5 deg.

    It did slowly warm up to the mid-30s by yesterday and this morning, but the big front which earlier this weekend pounded the upper Midwest arrived in the late morning, it's snowing like mad as I type this, and blizzard conditions are forecast for tomorrow, with near-record lows and wind chills Monday night into Tuesday. The best regional Blue Ridge Mountains forecast is from Boone at Raysweather dot com, but be patient, as Ray's gets a ton of hits when the weather is this bad. I think daytime highs are expected to be below freezing through Thursday. Both Ray's weather and Highcountrywebcams dot com offer real-time looks at conditions--when the various cams aren't covered by blowing snow.

    In the Boone/Blowing Rock area are ski areas, snow tubing areas, ice skating rinks (indoor and out), hiking trails, cross-country ski trails, and enough spas, bars, and restaurants to keep the most ardent of indoorsmen happy. The area's hotel people work deals with choose & cut Christmas tree lots for room + tree combos, so you can haul a genuine Fraser fir tree back home from NC atop your vehicle (once you choose a tree, it's cut and run through a bailer which reduces its wind-catching profile greatly so that it travels more like a pole than a tree--don't worry, it'll spring back just fine once it's opened up for a couple of days). Just a bit farther north, Virginia's Crooked Road traditional music region has a number of venues and museums, but I rather suspect most are closed for the season.

    In any event, if it's snow and cold weather you're looking for, you're in luck, and it's < 2 hours north of Charlotte up US 321 from Gastonia to Blowing Rock.

    Stay warm and have fun on your Southern Alps RoadTrip!


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