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    Hi everyone!

    I'm planning a 3 week road trip on the Gulf Coast starting in the end of February 2011. Me and my girl-friend want to go road tripping somewhere warm and by the coast, and I've already done southern California once so I figured this trip could be good alternative.

    Our wishes are to eat a lot of sea food, drive a convertible, bath in the ocean, and see some local architecture (hence N.O, Miami, Savannah etc.)

    The plan is to start and end in New Orleans and drive (only by the coast) south east to Miami, then north to Charleston and finally speed back on the interstate to New Orleans. Please take a look at the route here:,16.677246&z=6

    My questions are these:

    - Is this trip a good idea?! If not, where else besides California can we get sunshine and sea that time of year?
    - Will the beaches east of New Orleans be nice despite of the recent oil catastrophe?
    - Is down town New Orleans intact and still worth visiting since the hurricane Katharina?
    - Will this trip be OK for 3 weeks?
    - What gems should one not miss on this trip?

    Hope you guys can help me out! Thanks!

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    Velkommen! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There is a lot to see and do along the coasts you want to travel, including in all probability swimming in the Gulf of Mexico and/or the Atlantic Ocean. Just understand that you will not be able to swim every day. It is quite likely that on some days you will see quite chilly weather, with freezing temperatures an occasional possibility. There's simply no way to know in advance exactly what the weather will be. But as to your other concerns... Three weeks is plenty of time to drive the coast(s) and see much of what is there including Gulf Islands National Seashore, the Everglades, Kennedy Space Canter, Cumberland Island, and various national wildlife refuges as well as the cities you mentioned. New Orleans is largely, but not completely, recovered from Katrina. Priority was given to the French Quarter and other tourist areas, while the areas that were beyond repair were largely residential neighborhoods. The Gulf coast never did suffer catastrophically from the BP oil spill and the beaches are pretty much as clean as they were before. The worst hit areas were the tidal wetlands at the mouth of the Mississippi, an area few tourists go to.


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    Thanks for your comments and help AZBuck! They were both comforting and inspiring, so I guess we'll just start with the booking! :-)

    I've looked up rental costs for a Mustang Convertible from Miami (couldn't find them in New Orleans) and it seems like it will come to $2,500 for 3 weeks (with all insurances). Isn't that awfully expensive? I've paid close to half for the same car and time in LA earlier this year. Is it spring break season or something like that that boosts the prices?

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    That seems a little high for the price, however there are so many variables that go into the price, it doesn't sound completely unreasonable.

    Are you planning on this being a round trip? If its one way, the price makes more sense, as you have the one-way fee to factor, and the demand for convertibles is going to be much less outside of miami, so they likely are giving you a price that reflects that.

    You should also note that the Mustang is one of two convertible models typically used by rental fleets - but its also possible you could end up with a Sebring convertible since the "or similar" phrase gives them plenty of room to give you whatever they have available.

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