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    Default HELP please!! Vegas to Yosemite

    We are staying in Las Vegas over New Year and then plan to go to Yosemite from there. We need to do it in a day if possible and have googled the route, which says to use the CA-58. Could anyone advise me if this road will be open and useable (have a 4x4 car hire), If not, then could someone suggest how we might get from Vegas to Yosemite at all?

    Kindest thanks. Neany

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    Default The way to go !

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    CA 58 is a main Freeway around the Southern end of the Sierra's and is the route to follow at this time of year. You should have no problems at all other than in a severe winter storm, if that was the case you would just have to wait it out. Comfortable in a day via I 15/CA58/99/41. Worst case scenario would be to head futher South and pick up I 5, but before doing so would have to check conditions at the Grapvine on I 5 which could also be closed.

    I reckon you will be fine, just check conditions before leaving Vegas.
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    Whether you have 4x4 or not, you may need a set of tire chains to enter Yosemite in the winter. You may not have to install them but you may be required to carry them.

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    Thank you so much - this has put my mind at rest and I can now look forward to our fabulous American adventure!!!

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    Default Most welcome.

    I would recommend leaving Vegas quite early to get into Yosemite before sunset, which is around 5pm in January. If there is snow and ice about it won't be much fun after dark, besides you would miss all the great views !

    With time to have lunch and take a couple of breaks on route, I would allow 10 hours for the trip.

    If you have an extended stay in Vegas and your car rental, you might find these day trip suggestions helpful.

    Have a great trip !

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