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    Default Road trip from Tampa to Key West

    I am planning a road trip to Key West from Tampa and want to make it interesting. One stop I am definitely hitting is Flamingo, Fl. Looking for any stops of interest that are out there.........I'm going it alone and thinking about taking a tent. Interests I have are hiking, photography, just nature in general.

    Thanks for your help!

  2. Default Season?

    Flamingo can be an unforgettable experience. Unfortunately, the hotel has been razed and it will be over a year before the new complex is built. I understand there is still camping there.

    The spring bird migration season is a great time to visit and photograph wildlife. This is also a great spot to explore by water; you can take along a kayak or rent one there.

    Be aware of mosquitos, especially in the summertime when they are absolutely voracious! I barely exaggerate when I state that you'll need a baseball bat to deal with the smaller ones! However, in February and March, they pose little problem. Just be sure to take along enough repellent to deal with a worst case situation.

    You might enjoy Pennekamp State Park. The glass bottom boats are fun, as long as the seas are not too rough. Dramamine is your friend.

    Bahia Honda State Park is a WONDERFUL place to veg out a day or a week. Be aware that reservations are necessary during the busy months.

    Once in the Keys, be sure to sign up for some snorkeling trips out of Bahia Honda and other places.

    I always recommend that people go past Key West, 70 miles out to sea, and visit Dry Tortugas National Park. It is a fascinating place, worth the cost of a day trip, and worth the time and effort to camp for several days. There is great snorkeling along the moat wall, and plenty of unusual photo opportunities throughout the fort (check out the image section). You can take the ferry, or if you have a rich uncle you can charter a seaplane.

    Despite the 100 foot length this very spacious cataraman, it can still be a rough trip in high wind and seas. If you camp on the island, you have to take everything with you including water. However, they have the nicest and cleanest "rustic" restrooms I have ever seen.

    Have a great trip.

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