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    Hi RTA!

    So I was planning a road trip to Seattle, WA this winter, but I'm originally from the east coast and have little to no knowledge on the weather north of San Francisco. We are going just after Christmas until New Years, and we were wondering if we will hit snowy conditions on the way up.

    We really wanted to take the 101 to rt. 199 through Klamath Nat'l Forest, but would that be a dangerous option?

    Also, we are trying to avoid snow at all costs because one of my friends coming with has never driven in it. Is this not at all possible?

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Unfortunately the weather is what the weather will be, and at this moment it is impossible to forecast what that is. You don't say how long you are planning on taking to get there, but I 5 will take at least 2 day's on the road and 101 longer, especially if sight seeing. You have less chance of seeing snow close to the coast, but all you can do in that respect is to keep an eye on forecasts prior to leaving, and while on the road.

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