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    Default Vegas to Edmonton

    Hi Everyone

    My family and I are travelling from Australia and want to do a road trip from Vegas to Edmonton. We are going from mid Sept to mid Oct?? We are looking to do it in about a week but it's not that far so that shouldn't be an issue.
    Can anyone out there who has done this road trip tell me of their favourite places that they have visited and why? I will have three teenage children with me (yes I know three teenagers in a car together) so any hints/ideas would be welcome.
    Any suggestions would be welcome and not just the hot tourist spots.
    Also can you tell me if I should be worried about the weather at this time of year - I've never even seen snow so driving in it may be a bit of a worry.
    Thanks :)

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    The trip you plan to take is about 1500 miles, so figure on three days of driving. You have the option of stopping at Yellowstone National Park, which is well worth the visit. This is one of the world's natural wonders, containing varied flora, fauna, and geologic features.

    It is possible to see snow at that time of year. The best advice I can give is to keep an eye on the weather reports during your trip.

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    Default Getting started.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The weather shouldn't be too much of an issue at this time of year, although same as anywhere else in the world, it's unpredictable.

    You could do the drive in 3 full day's on the road, so with a week at your disposal you have time for some sight seeing. The problem at this point is there is just so much to choose from, so I would have a search of the forums and other trip planning pages above and try and get some dots on the map. Once you have done so it will be easier to offer meaningful advice and help fill in the blanks. From Vegas you could take a 'sideways step' and visit Grand canyon and/or head into Utah and visit NP's such as Zion and Bryce canyon. You could spend your time in the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone and Glacier NP, but have a greater chance of seeing Wintry conditions. Make a start and then we can join in.

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    Default Update!

    I have two routes in mind. The first is going from LV through San Fran, Portland, Seattle up to Edmonton. The second route is going from LV, Utah, Salt Lake City, Helena up to Edmonton.

    Holidays are personal taste so I guess my question is which route will allow me to see not only beautiful places but also the small country towns where we can see the 'real' America (or maybe not real but the stuff they show in the movies lol). The old country towns with beautiful old buildings, farming communities and some tourist spots where the kids can get some hands on experience - maybe apple picking etc. Any festivals that may be held during this time etc. I know I am being very broad with my questions but any info you can provide would be appreciated. Web sites I can visit etc. Most of the info is about the major tourist attractions and although that is good in small doses I would rather see some of the smaller things that make America special.

    I can take any route to get from Vegas to Edmonton but if I get some ideas on things that make each area unique then I will have a better idea of which way to go.

    Distance and time is no big deal.

    Cheers :)

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