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  1. Default December trip from London, Ontario to Seattle, WA

    My husband will be moving on his own from London, Ontario (2 hours Northeast of Windsor) to South Western British Columbia. He knows his first night will be somewhere around Chicago and his last night will be in Seattle but we are wondering what is the best route for the trip in between given the time of year.

    Google maps says the fastest route is the I94 and I90. However, is it more likely that he will have to stop for a day because of weather than if he took the longer but more southerly route of I80 to Salt Lake City then the I84 and I82 to Seattle?

    For those of you who have driven these routes, which would you choose at this time of year? Which route has the highest peaks, which roads are more likely to be cleared faster if there is a storm, which route is most prone to storms and whiteouts, which has the fewest stretches of basically deserted land in case something does happen? I have checked out the average snowfall for random cities on both routes, but I think frequency and severity of storms are more important than averages. He is likely leaving around December 21 and is thinking of driving for around 8 hours per day for 5 or 6 days. Opinions?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'd actually say that specific forecasts are far more important than any general information like averages/frequency of storms/etc. Both routes can and do see plenty of winter weather, so the generic information is only of limited help.

    I will say that in general, I would prefer I-90, as it follows a lower elevation path across the Rockies, which is more important than being north/south. However, both routes have excellent snow removal crews, and it would be rather unusual for either route to be closed for more than a day or two.

    A plan of 5 to 6 days for this trip should be great, as it allows time to make the trip comfortably, and you won't have many problems even if you have to sit out for a day and wait out a storm.

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    I would prefer staying on I-90 rather than taking I-94. This will avoid the MSP metro area and there is a bit more civilization going across. I-94 between Fargo and Billings is the least traveled Interstate highway in the country. The slight difference from mapping programs can easily be eaten up in MSP traffic. It's only 25 miles and 15 minutes longer according to my software.

    From a logistics standpoint - it's usually best to get through a metro area before you stop for the night - that way it's a clear shot leaving in the morning rather than fighting your way through in morning rush hour. If he wants to stop around Chicago, I'd recommend some place like Rockford.

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