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  1. Default Winter Road trip Dallas, TX to Springfield, VT: Northern Route Or Southern

    Im driving up to Vermont soon and wanted opinions on which route is the saftest. Do I go north and through NY State through, or do I stay as as much south as possible driving east through AR, TN and then up north through PA, and through CT?

    Weather predictions say a storm is coiming through mid December and my thought is to stay south and stay in rainy conditions.

    Which roads are better cared for? I will be in a 2010 Honda Odessey

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    Default Tough call!


    What you are going to need to do is keep up to the minute with road and weather conditions. You should be able to do this enroute with a wifi-equipped laptop or a 3G smartphone.

    I don't particularly like what my mapping program is recommending - which is via Nashville to Buffalo and across NY. It's too subject to lake effect snow. However, I don't like traveling the NE corridor through DC and NYC either.

    What I might look at is head to Nashville, then take I-40 to I-81 to Binghamton, then I-88 across to Albany. This keeps you away from the lakes and away from the heavy traffic corridor.

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